Best Off-Road SUV

Believe it or not, there is a decided difference between the best off-road vehicles and the best off-road SUV, and if you are looking for a vehicle that can work just as hard in off-road situations as it does on the highway, then you need to be looking at an SUV with great off-road capabilities, for a straight off-road vehicle just won’t cut it when it comes to commuter traffic and child safety.

What’s the Difference?
A vehicle designed primarily as an off-road vehicle is going to have far less creature comforts than an SUV that is designed to not only have off-road capabilities, but also to serve as a comfortable and reliable passenger vehicle. While off-road SUV’s may not have quite the terrain conquering abilities of the vehicles designed primarily for off-road usage, they are still pretty impressive when it comes to off-road abilities, and on more than one occasion have been known to make the difference between a potentially dangerous accident, and a brief tour off-the-beaten track. While there are a number of crossover vehicles that can switch from off-road capability to family vehicle, there always has to be one that stands out from the rest. Take the 2011 Ford Explorer for example.

Best Off-Road SUV

About the 2011 Ford Explorer
The 2011 Ford Explorer has been rated #1 for affordable midsize SUV’s. Not only does it have the features you need to handle any kind of off-road conditions (including rocky terrain, gravel, dirt roads and steep inclines) it also serves very well as a safe and reliable family vehicle that can take anything you want to throw at it, including car-pooling, two-year-old tantrums and teenage drama.

The Ford Explorer seats seven passengers, which alone does not put it at the front of the pack, but it does have an excellent track record both on the road, and off it. In fact, for a 7-passenger crossover, the Ford Explorer is actually more competent than its competitors and offers better safety features (especially for the price range) than any other SUV in its class.

Whether it’s comfortable seating, back-seat entertainment systems, extra head and leg-room, impressive cargo space or a powerful engine that will not let you down regardless of whether you are on the road or off it, and a four-wheel-drive system that will help to get you out of even the stickiest of situations, the Ford Explorer has everything you could possibly want, including a V6 engine and a starting price of just $28,190. Once you start adding things on, however, the price can quickly add up until it is in the range of $50,000. It even has lots of optional technology, like an infotainment system as well as a high-tech terrain response system and navigation system so that regardless of whether you are headed over the horizon, or to the junior league football game, you’ll always know where you are, and how to get to where you’re going.

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